A different common c-bet leak is as of players that check back abstemious boards with most pairs; the strong pairs they can be concerned about won't get enough value on the dry board and the weaker pairs are only called by better.

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The effective stack depth where the calling frequency becomes significant is the SCP. Notably, it matters in the exact same approach as you playing a particularly fishy opponent. QJ is not likely in his range also. Maybe I've been a bit to harsh about it shouldn't affect your play because sometimes it can. What's your callingrange now? Say we're really deep-stacked, perhaps at a cash amusement with 10k behind and this river decision. Conclusion At the end of the day, you'll find that even the finest players will have ranges so as to are not balanced in a lot of areas. Below that, a lot of people start playing push-or-fold preflop, using the Nash Equilibrium tables as a guide.

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Suppose the pot is chips, you have chips, your opponent has chips and has just moved all-in. As far as raise-sizing pf goes, I recommend HokieGreg's advice which I presume is standard when getting started, until you design a scheme of your own that you choose for whatever reason. A lot of times when we c-bet the flop we will be called but still go on to win the hand all the rage some manner later on ands its good for our metagame to be betting strong hands as well as weak hands, all very obvious stuff. Players generally respond to aggression as a result of being very over aggressive all the rage this level or by before a live audience very weak. These are a good deal more interesting because this part of the game is not wel-evolved. Not necessarily.

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